...The delightful Mansion of Ruppera is situated near the eastern boundary of the county of Glamorgan, adjoining Monmouthshire, and about two miles north of Romney Bridge, on the great road between Newport and Cardiff. The House is finely situated on the side of a hill, backed by stately groves, and though in an elevated situation, placed under the brow of superior heights that bound the Vale of Caerphilly...

There are four fronts, three stories high, with five windows in each story, and four round towers. The views from the grounds are, as Dr. Malkin justly states, singularly beautiful. “From Ruperra (he says) the gardener conducted me across the Park. The prospect was uncommonly attractive. The harvest-moon at the full was just risen. The effect of it shining on the Bristol Channel, with the bold hills of Somersetshire beyond, was in a high degree beautiful. The Channel, though from twelve to fifteen miles across, seemed but like an inland river. The mountain-valley of Caerphilly, as you come upon the Newport Road, has a powerful effect on the mind, as seen by a bright moonlight.”

Mr. Skrine also remarks that “the commanding position of Ruperra gives it an air of consequence above all the other seats in this country, and the prospect it enjoys towards the coast is very striking"...

John Preston Neale, Views of the seats of noblemen and gentlemen, in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, Volume IV, (London: Thomas Moule, 1821).